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Our food is made for you — with a whole lotta love.

At Sweet Loren’s, we believe in the power of clean food. You’ll find that every single one of our products uses the highest quality ingredients to make the most delicious recipes possible.

We started out with Cookie Dough because, well, why not? We all deserve a scrumptious treat. Then we made a few tweaks to our recipe to create the creamiest edible Cookie Dough possible.

What’s next? Well, the sky’s the limit. Behind the scenes we’re testing, tasting and trying out new recipes every day. So, stay tuned for future products. And for now, just enjoy.

Where to find Sweet Loren’s: You can find our Cookie Doughs in the refrigerated dough section of your local market.

We only use clean ingredients

Cookie Dough

Our perfect pre-cut portions are ready whenever you are — and they’re safe to eat raw! Whether you want a freshly baked cookie as an afternoon snack, a morsel of raw cookie dough to satisfy your sweet tooth, or you’re looking to transform our Cookie Dough into a dessert for your entire family, Sweet Loren’s has something for everyone and every occasion.

Made with only clean ingredients, feel confident sharing our Cookie Dough as they’re always gluten-free, Non-GMO, plant-based and absolutely delicious.

Two Cookie Dough tips: You can find Sweet Loren’s in the refrigerated dough section of your local market. And for an easy treat, try baking our cookies in a toaster oven!

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Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough

Our perfected classic is made to eat raw,  straight from the jar. We’ve enhanced our original Cookie Dough recipe to be dreamy creamy, smooth and scoop-able. Feel free to lick the spoon straight from the jar. You won't regret it.

And for an extra bonus, make one of our scrumptious recipes - Cookie Dough truffles, inclusions in ice cream, and more!

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Edible Cookie Dough