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Serve Sweet Loren’s cookies to your customers by ordering in bulk today.

At Sweet Loren’s, we are pleased to offer Foodservice Cookie Dough. 

Our delicious, clean ingredient & allergen friendly cookie dough arrives pre-cut and ready to bake. Bake the perfect cookie in minutes, in any oven type. You can even enjoy it raw since our Cookie Dough does not contain eggs or dairy, and all of our flours are naturally heat-treated. 

Offer freshly baked Sweet Loren’s cookies at your establishment and you’ll experience the opportunity for incremental business and the excitement for a better-for-you option that tastes as delicious as conventional cookies! 

Each Foodservice case contains (120) 1.5oz cookie dough portions. Minimum two cases per order, totaling 240 cookie dough portions. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Order today to serve your customers and guests. Store frozen or refrigerated.

Great for restaurants, schools, hotels, coffee shops, real estate offices, and more. If you’re planning a special occasion or event, freshly baked Sweet Loren’s cookies could be perfect for you! Imagine the delicious opportunities that await.

Cookie Dough on Baking Sheet

Minimum two cases (240 cookie dough portions) per order, sold in increments of two. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

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