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Sweet Loren's is proud to be the #1 Natural Cookie Dough Brand in the U.S.*

We gathered Registered Dietitians to share their experiences with Sweet Loren’s and are so grateful for their love and kind words.

“The best dessert is always going to be the one that brings you a little joy and leaves your sweet tooth fully satisfied. Made with real sugar and a short list of recognizable ingredients, I choose Sweet Loren’s because it’s as close to scratch made cookies as possible without the mess in my kitchen. Sweet Loren’s includes all the deliciousness and fits into my mostly plant-based diet. This is why there’s almost always a package of their Chocolate Chunk cookie dough in my fridge drawer.” –Bianca Tamburello, RDN

“Food allergies are more than just a physical issue…it’s also emotional. Living with food allergies can be frustrating, confusing, and sometimes even isolating. As a mom, a registered dietitian, and as someone living with food allergies myself, I can tell you firsthand how important it is to have delicious options out there that satisfy the entire group (not just those with allergies). This helps so much to make all my family gatherings and play-dates inclusive of my guests’ food allergies. That’s why I love Sweet Loren’s. The cookie dough is so delicious – it can be the main dessert and everyone (even those without allergies) will be satisfied. I personally can’t get enough of the Fudgy Brownie cookie dough! I eat it raw, because it’s safe to do so!” –Stephanie Ferrari, MS, RDN

“As a registered dietitian who has an ‘all foods fit’ food philosophy, taste is an incredibly important factor when choosing better-for-you foods. That is why Sweet Loren’s is my go-to when it comes to cookies and cookie dough, where clean ingredients and irresistible taste are guaranteed! Not only are their products gluten free, dairy free, and free of the top 8 allergens, but they are also free of compromise. There is no longer a need to compromise great taste for a more nutritious option- with Sweet Loren’s you can have the best of both worlds!” – Samantha Bartholomew, MS, RDN, LDN


Should I eliminate sugar from my diet?

Too much of anything is not good for our bodies, but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate sugar completely. In fact, eliminating sugar or any ingredient isn’t recommended. Research tells us that restricting foods and ingredients from our diet almost always leads to a feeling of deprivation and often sparks bingeing on that food later. Have you ever gone on a diet for a few days, weeks, or maybe months? You’ve tried your best to ward of your cravings for your favorite foods but soon found yourself eating a whole bag of potato chips. That’s deprivation! To avoid this out of control feeling, enjoy your favorite treats, including those with added sugar, in moderation.

How do you indulge without overdoing it? The American Heart Association recommends that men and women manage their added sugar intake to no more than 36 and 25 grams per day respectively. Consider this your daily budget of added sugar and spend it in the most delicious and satisfying way to you. I always keep Sweet Loren’s Chocolate Chunk cookie dough in my fridge. One cookie is 10 grams of added sugar, which means even two cookies won’t put me over the recommended limit.

-Bianca Tamburello, RDN

I’ve been hearing a lot about intuitive eating. What is it?

Intuitive eating is a method created by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD, that is composed often principals that are aimed at eliminating fear from food and instead encouraging people to honor and listen carefully to their bodies. This philosophy encourages you to choose foods that satisfy your taste buds, that include nutritious ingredients that are beneficial to your body, and to treat yourself and your body with kindness. One of the most important concepts of Intuitive Eating is that no foods are inherently “good” or “bad,” meaning no foods are off limits. This non-restrictive approach to eating well with gentle nutrition has been extremely helpful for individuals looking for a long-term approach to nutrition, especially those looking to stop dieting.

-Stephanie Ferrari, MS, RDN

How can I eat more plant-based foods?

Regardless of dietary needs or preferences, incorporating more plant-based foods into the diet is becoming more popular even among those who choose to consume meat! Not only are plant-based diets becoming more popular, but, if planned with a dietitian, they can be both nutritious and beneficial. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, diets consisting of more plant-based foods may decrease the risk of chronic disease and be more environmentally friendly than diets high in animal products.

“Plant-based food” does not only mean fruits and vegetables, but also whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and oils. Here are a few suggested tactics for including more of these foods into your diet:

1.) Aim to make 1/2 your plate fruits and vegetables and 1/4 whole grains.

2.) Try to include fruit and/or vegetables into every meal and snack.

3.) Make at least one meal a week a vegetarian meal.

-Samantha Bartholomew, MS, RDN, LDN