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#1 Natural Cookie Dough Brand in the U.S.*


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Most of us agree that cookies made from homemade dough are best. For those who can spare the time, effort, and ingredients, consider trying our best cookie recipes and cookie recipes your family is going to love. (Don’t miss the skillet-baked Giant Chocolate Crinkle Cookie, either –– yum!) But if the stars don’t align to allow from-scratch baking, enter the modern-day convenience of store-bought cookie dough. You may be surprised to learn that it can offer that same, oh-so-loved fresh-baked cookie goodness.

“We sampled Sweet Loren’s Chocolate Chunk, which has a soft and gooey texture. We noticed quite a lot of oat flavor, without that typical chunky oatmeal texture found in many other oat-based cookies. Considering these cookies do not have any butter in them, we liked them quite a lot. They don’t taste homemade but are a tastier gluten-free option than Immaculate Baking Company’s cookie dough. The brand is also much easier to find in stores.”