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  • Cookie Trifle

      http://sweetlorens.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Cookie-Trifle.mp4   Ingredients 2-3 Sweet Loren’s Chocolate Chunk cookies 1 can of coconut milk 2 tbsp of cocoa powder Directions Whisk 1 can of coconut milk. Pour half of whisked coconut milk into second bowl. Add 2… Read More
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  • Berry Cookie Crumble Pie

    You can have it all with this fresh fruit & an oatmeal crumble baked in a flaky pie crust. Such an easy way to add a delicious Sweet Loren’s twist to a classic dessert. http://sweetlorens.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Mini-Berry-Crumble-Pie-1.mp4 Ingredients: Sweet Loren’s Oatmeal… Read More
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  • Easy Mini Mousse Pies

    This is our quick and easy hack for a mouth-watering mousse pie. It’s a delicious dessert to bring to any holiday party! Ingredients: 1 package of your favorite Sweet Loren’s cookie dough Chocolate chips Coconut milk, or whipping… Read More
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  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Skillet

      Ingredients Sweet Loren’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk cookie dough Chocolate Chunks and/or Chips Rolled Oats Directions Place one package of Sweet Loren’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk cookie dough in the skillet. You can either press down so… Read More
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  • Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

    Ingredients Sweet Loren’s Cookie Dough, any flavor Frosting All-natural food-coloring Pretzel sticks Chocolate chips Directions Before baking your cookies, place a pretzel stick into the dough — so it’s sticking out halfway. Bake your favorite flavor of Sweet Loren’s cookie… Read More
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  • Spooky Spider Cookies

    Ingredients Sweet Loren’s Cookie Dough, any flavor Mini Peanut Butter Cups Chocolate, for melting Resealable bag, sandwich size Candy eyes Directions Bake your Sweet Loren’s cookies, according to the directions on the package. Once the cookies has cooled, place one… Read More
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  • Yummy Mummy Bars

    Ingredients Sweet Loren’s Cookie Dough (any flavor) White frosting or white chocolate (melted) Resealable bag, sandwich size Candy eyes Directions Press one package of Sweet Loren’s cookie dough into an 8 x 8 baking pan. Bake for 15 minutes at… Read More
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  • Brand Innovators: Future of Food & CPG

    The Brand Innovators Summits provide brand marketers with best practices, case studies, and proof points, demonstrating how “best of breed” brands are leveraging electronic media. Attendees will hear first hand from client side CMOs, media directors, and brand managers… Read More
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  • Tips to Get & Stay Fit This Fall

    Summer flew by, and somehow Fall is right around the corner! Your schedule may get crazy busy this time of year, but there’s no debating that this weather is absolutely beautiful. That’s why it’s a great time to start a… Read More
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  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cups

    Who knew you could bake our cookie dough into cups to make your ideal after school or work-day treat that also has nutrition! You can bake into our cookie dough into cups, fill with your favorite yogurt & toppings. The… Read More
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  • 5 Benefits of Baking with Your Kids

    It’s never too early to begin baking with your kids! Not only do kids of all ages have interest in what goes on in the kitchen, there are a lot benefits gained from getting involved. Here’s just a few of the… Read More
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  • Healthy School Lunch Ideas

    Can you believe that it’s already September? The summer absolutely flew by! Now back-to-school season is upon us. From having new routines to conquering first-day jitters, making delicious, healthy lunches can oftentimes take a back-seat. But… Read More

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