Spring Allergies: Here's What You Need To Know
Spring Allergies: Here's What You Need To Know

Apr 23rd 2019

By William Cole, D.C., IFMCPFunctional Medicine Practitioner

This time of year in the western hemisphere is magical. You can feel nature coming alive, waking up from its long winter slumber. But as spring blossoms around us—as beautiful as it is—many of us also have seasonal allergies to worry about this time of year.

The FDA estimates that there are approximately 36 million people in the United States who suffer from seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are also sometimes called hay fever, or, by their technical (and very fancy) name, allergic rhinitis. It's important to know that allergic rhinitis technically takes two different forms:

Seasonal: This type of allergy is triggered by mold spores or pollens from grass, trees, and weeds, which happen more during changes of season.

Perennial: This type of allergy happens year round. It's generally caused by pet hair or dander, mold, dust mites, or cockroaches (gross, right?).

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