Peppered Podcast: A sweet story of success
Peppered Podcast: A sweet story of success

Jul 16th 2019

Hear our Founder & CEO Loren Brill on the Peppered Podcast

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Message from the Podcast Founder, Jamie Allebach: 

This episode of the Peppered Podcast is with Loren Brill, founder of Sweet Loren’s. Sweet Loren’s is a fast-emerging brand of refrigerated cookie dough—self-described as a clean food company transforming what it means to be convenient and delicious.

I love the fact that Sweet Loren’s is extremely indulgent, deliciously sweet —and made with clean, simple ingredients. But more importantly, I love the story behind the brand.

When founder, Loren Brill, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, along with her treatments, she also knew that she needed to change her eating habits. But the one thing she just couldn’t give up were SWEETS. This began her journey on how to satisfy that sweet tooth—with quality, better-for-you ingredients—but without comprising on taste; which ultimately resulted in Sweet Loren’s cookie dough.

On this episode of the Peppered Podcast, we’re going to dig deep into food trends, discussing:

  • The story behind the brand
  • The challenges of starting a new brand
  • Scaling-up—quickly!
  • Why core principles and values matter
  • The importance of clean, simple ingredients
  • Why consumers rally behind this brand
  • And more

Listen here

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