Every Question You Ever Had About Going Gluten-Free — Answered
Every Question You Ever Had About Going Gluten-Free — Answered

May 7th 2019

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What is gluten?

Despite 20 million Americans reportedly eating gluten-free on a regular basis, when Jimmy Kimmel stopped unsuspecting pedestrians on the street to ask a simple question—what is gluten?—very few had a clue.

So let’s spell it out, shall we?

Gluten is a type of protein that’s found in many grains, primarily wheat by-products and varietals like wheat berries, semolina, spelt, farro, kamut, einkorn, and durum. Other grains that contain gluten include rye and barley.

The protein itself acts as a binder. As a bread or pasta dough is worked, the gluten content develops, acting as the glue for baked goods and giving them that spongy elasticity.

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