B2B Insight: Lessons learned by emerging brands
B2B Insight: Lessons learned by emerging brands

Apr 22nd 2019

Sweet Loren's Founder & CEO, Loren Brill, had the opportunity to join VEB Founders Forum, Coca Cola, and a team of entrepreneurs impacting the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry. 

Together, this team of successful professionals shared their success, learnings, and brainpower to put together a list of six "success corridors." We wanted to share their findings and recommendations in an effort to help inspire growing businesses and the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

“Create the best product, team, and authentic mission; then stay laser-focused on your business model and you will win. Don’t be afraid to dream big; the world needs businesses and products that make it a better place. Be the type of business you would want to work with.”

I look forward to seeing the impact YOU have on the future. 

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