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Spokin: Sweet Loren’s is now featured on Spokin!

We are proud to announce that Sweet Loren’s is a Verified Brand on Spokin. 

Spokin, a user friendly food allergy app that allows members to:

  • Customize your news feed to match your food allergies, interests and location.
  • Find new resources from people who share your same allergies.
  • Explore restaurants, food products, summer camps, hotels and more.

Sweet Loren’s, along with other participating brands have verified packaging, labels, facility information and have answered Spokin’s proprietary 22-item allergen FAQ.

Verified Brand on Spokin
Verified Brand Search - Sweet Loren's
Verified Product Pages - Sweet Loren's
Allergen FAQ - Sweet Loren's

To learn more, visit https://www.spokin.com.