An Easy Way to Support Women Every Week? Buy These 23 Woman-Owned Food Products
An Easy Way to Support Women Every Week? Buy These 23 Woman-Owned Food Products

Mar 13th 2018

Today, International Women's Day, is a time to shine extra light on complex and layered social issues. The thing is, working towards gender parity and female empowerment is a year-round thing, and there are a number of ways that each of us can push for progress.

As a food editor (and food lover), something I feel strongly about is supporting woman-owned food brands and businesses—because, while women are still largely responsible for grocery shopping and home cooking, we're also still underrepresented as leaders in the food industry. I'm always thrilled to eat at female chef-driven restaurants, and I make a point to buy from woman-owned food brands whenever I can. These are small things, sure, but they're something. And think about it: Buying groceries or choosing a restaurant are things you probably do several times a week. Heck, if you snack as much as I do, these choices come into play multiple times a day!

If you're looking for small, everyday ways to support women all year long, look out for these 19 woman-owned food products the next time you go grocery shopping. Many of the products are SELF editor favorites and all are widely available in stores and/or for purchase online. Many are also Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)-certified woman-owned brands, which means that this third-party organization has vetted that the companies are majority owned, managed, and controlled by a woman or women. Most importantly, they're all delicious.

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