Smart Women Invest: Devastation Into Inspiration
Smart Women Invest: Devastation Into Inspiration

Feb 28th 2018

Our best ideas come when we least expect them.

And at our lowest points, we feel the most closed off to inspiration. There we lie on our beds staring helplessly at the ceiling. In that moment though, we forget the one truth about rock bottom: that the only way forward is up. And for whatever reason, lightning strikes at the right time and you’re off to the races with your next venture.

On today’s episode of the $mart Women Invest podcast, we are joined by Loren Brill, Founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s. After beating cancer at a young age, Loren made it her mission to eliminate processed ingredients from her favorite foods. That is why she founded Sweet Loren’s, a cookie dough company made from simple ingredients. Today, we hear her insights on how to turn a personal passion into a multi-million dollar business.

Listen here. 

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