Healthy All-Natural Cookies, Wellness and Happiness with Loren Brill of Sweet Loren’s
Healthy All-Natural Cookies, Wellness and Happiness with Loren Brill of Sweet Loren’s

Dec 15th 2017

I had a chance to talk with one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Loren Brill of Sweet Loren’s. Loren, the Queen of healthy cookies is one of those people whose optimism, passion and drive resonates so strongly that just by being in her orbit you become a better person and a better entrepreneur. After being diagnosed with cancer her life changed, but her craving for succulent, delicious desserts did not. Loren was always aware of what she was eating and maintained a healthy lifestyle (she started teaching yoga at 18!) however, this new diagnosis required her to have an even more heightened awareness of overall health.

No surprise to Loren, the first thing that would have to be reevaluated was her sweet tooth. Ultimately Loren decided that she could have her cake (or in this case, cookies) and eat it to, it would just require a bit of ingenuity.

Loren began testing recipes in her kitchen seeking the perfect combination of health acceptable and tasty. Soon after testing her creations on friends, she started getting calls asking for custom orders… She knew she was on to something.

Now, Loren’s award winning all-natural cookie dough can be found on grocer shelves all over America! Loren is redefining what it means to have a sweet tooth and an eye toward health.

Watching Loren take on big business over the past 6 years to help provide us all with healthier alternatives to satisfying our sweets needs has been a privilege, check out my interview with her and get yo’ self some cookies!

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