5 Questions with our CEO & Founder, #GirlBoss Loren Brill
5 Questions with our CEO & Founder, #GirlBoss Loren Brill

Aug 25th 2017

The story behind why Loren created Sweet Loren's is one that is mission driven and inspirational. After beating cancer at a young age, Loren made it her mission to eliminate processed foods from her diet. When she couldn't find great tasting cookies made from clean ingredients, she decided to make her own. Committed to building our community of cleat-eating sweet toothed people from all ages and backgrounds, we are sitting down with Loren once a month so that we can dig deeper into the soul behind the brand. If you have any questions for Loren, please send them our way so we can make sure we get the chance to answer them!

1. What’s your end-goal for Sweet Loren’s?

To fulfill our mission to change the way America bakes! We are not stopping until our products are easy to find at all retailers across the country. We will grow into more flavors of cookie dough, as well as other products that our customers ask for so that we can have the largest positive impact possible on the baking category - making better-tasting and better-for-you products accessible and available to all.

2. What challenges do you face as a woman in the food industry?

I am proud to be a female CEO and a woman in the food industry. I would say we are still the minority, but I look at being the minority as an opportunity to stand out. Plus, I love a good challenge of breaking any stereotypes that might exist. I love creating products that make everyone happy -- women/men, all ages, economic classes, and ethnicities. Warm cookies are universal. It's fun building a brand that bonds and unifies us.

3. What’s been your biggest success so far in 2017?

Our biggest success in 2017 was launching our newest line, Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough. It took me two years to develop this special recipe that tastes really homemade, and not gluten free. It's not only gluten free, but very allergen friendly as it is also vegan, dairy free, nut free, non GMO, and kosher pareve. I am thrilled we get to make so many people happy that have dietary restrictions and haven't been able to trust many products before.

4. What’s the best and worst part about being your own boss?

The best part is fulfilling my own vision and dream, and not having to compromise it with anyone else. Hardest part is the huge responsibility that falls on my shoulders, especially when I care so much about our brand.

5. What’s your all-time favorite cookie dough flavor?

I love them all, and keep it fun by mixing it up. I love coconut, so right now my favorite flavor is our oatmeal cranberry that I bake, then dip in melted chocolate, and sprinkle with shredded unsweetened coconut. Then, I get all my favorite flavors in one cookie.

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