FAQ with Sweet Loren's
FAQ with Sweet Loren's

Jul 21st 2017

As a challenger brand that's competing with the big guys, we make a product unlike anything else on the market. An all-natural, better-for-you absolutely delicious place and bake cookie dough. We're so proud to be able to be changing the way America bakes and love answering the questions our customers send us. Here are the top four questions we get (in case you've been wondering the same thing)!

Why is your cookie dough darker than conventional cookie doughs?

To start, we use 100% whole grain flours because we love the depth of flavor and the nutritional value they give (no white flour allowed). Most conventional cookie doughs use refined, bleached white flour that give their cookies a lighter color that ours, but that means that they've removed the most key nutrients. Secondly, we sweeten our cookie dough with real, non-GMO molasses, made from cane sugar, because we love the delicious homemade taste it gives and its micro-nutrients (like iron, calcium & Vitamin B6).

Why don't my cookies don't spread as much as I'm used to?

Firstly, we use real, natural ingredients and 100% whole grains, which give it a decadent, rich texture. Secondly, we recommend baking at a lower temperature (300 F) so the cookie dough has a chance to spread slowly as the cookies bakes. Oven temperatures do vary, so if 300 F seems too low for your oven, we recommend baking at 325-350 F. If you like a flatter cookie, you can press the pucks down with the heel of your hand or spatula prior to baking to enable spreading further. Personally, we love the homemade look and taste of a fuller cookie as its a nice contrast of a crispy top and chewy inside.

Why does your packaging say non-dairy, but has a warning that it may contain milk?

Our cookies are non-dairy, meaning that the actual recipe we use contains NO dairy products. However, we are made in a facility that uses dairy in other products. We are committed to your safety, so we include the dairy warning on our cookie dough to alert those with extreme allergies. So if you're just trying to stay away from dairy or are lactose intolerant then our product is perfect for you! We do offer a gluten free line, which is kosher pareve and made in a dedicated dairy free facility.

How do I know when my cookies are ready?

Because our dough is darker, it's sometimes harder to tell if our cookies are done. What you should be looking for are a puffed up center and light golden brown edges. If you like a softer, chewier cookie (like Loren!), slightly under bake because as the cookies cool they continue to bake in the pan. If you like a crispier cookie, bake for a few more minutes until the entire cookie is a dark golden brown. Check out our baking video for a how-to guide.

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