7 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Bake Healthy & Eat Clean This Summer
7 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Bake Healthy & Eat Clean This Summer

Jul 14th 2017

If you're searching for daily fresh ideas of what to eat this summer, look no further. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite Instagram accounts that will inspire and encourage you to nourish your body, try new recipes & turn eating clean into a lifestyle, rather than a diet!

  1. @rachlmansfield

    We love Rachel’s account because she'a always using unique flours and natural sweeteners. If you're looking for yummy gluten free & paleo, she's great inspo. We’re huge fans of her banana bread brownies!

  2. @cleanfooddirtycity

    The account bio is “good food that makes you feel good”, which is obviously a motto we live by here at Sweet Loren’s.

  3. @shutthekaleup

    Not only is this Instagram name very clever, but the recipes are insanely delicious. The best part is that they’re super accessible for everyone to make and family approved (plus her son is too cute)!

  4. @minimalistbaker

    All of their recipes contain 10 ingredients or less! From savory to sweet, every meal is covered and the recipes are very well written.

  5. @wholeheartedeats

    This account is a sight to behold. When you’re a recipe developer and a food stylist, you’re posts are sure to inspire anyone to eat clean and healthy!

  6. @chocolatecoveredkatie

    Creative, healthy desserts with a heavy focus on chocolate. You know dark chocolate is a super food we can't get enough of. 

  7. @sweetlorens

    Yes, we know this is our very own Insta, but we’d be remiss to not add it to our list! We show you how you can really bake it all with our cookie dough as a base so that whatever type of dessert or sweet treat you're craving, we're here to satisfy!

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