International Yoga Day Interview With Kristin McGee
International Yoga Day Interview With Kristin McGee

Jun 19th 2017

International Yoga Day Interview with Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee is a nationally recognized celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, speaker and mompreneur. We interviewed her for International Yoga Day to get to know her, why she loves yoga and how to live a balanced life!

  1. Do you find it harder to fit yoga into your day now that you have kids?

    Absolutely, 100%. That's why I've incorporated them into my yoga practice with me. My little babies often just lay on the mat, play with their toys, or I hold them in certain poses for the added resistance. My four-year-old son often does yoga with me, which is awesome. And then I do a lot of chair yoga poses on the subway commute to my clients in the afternoon.

  2. Tell us what inspired Chair Yoga? We love how accessible it is.

    I found that even though I would go in and do yoga private with my clients they could then spend the rest of the day stuck in the seat. Sitting is the new smoking and sitting for too long is really not good for the body, mind or spirit. I found that incorporating yoga poses throughout the day really made a difference in my life and in my client’s life and I wanted to make it accessible to everyone everywhere. I also think some people find yoga somewhat daunting. I wanted to show people that it really isn't about doing crazy headstands or splits, but yoga is about linking the mind and the body through our breath and that so many poses are accessible to every person.

  3. What do you do to satisfy your sweet tooth?

    I often have a square of really good dark chocolate in the afternoon or evening, but I also love a good cookie. I find that Sweet Loren’s are so yummy and I love how healthy they are. I will make a batch with my son and he and I will savor one in the afternoon. If I have a quality treat, I find that I don't crave too many more. Also, I’m nursing so I find the cranberry oatmeal cookies to be incredible! I also like the fact that I can savor one with a cup of tea and it's just a perfect little treat for me.

  4. What do you tell people who want to have it all?

    I tell people to take a deep breath & tap into their infinite potential. Realize that the world is their oyster and that everything that they want to accomplish is possible. But that you also have to be willing to put in the hard work and find something you love or else it isn't worth it.

  5. How did you first get into yoga?

    I was studying acting at New York University in the early 90s and we were doing yoga as part of our warm-ups and I fell in love with it.

  6. What’s your advice to someone who wants to start doing yoga, but doesn’t know where to begin?

    Have a beginners yoga program or do it's free and it's super great place to begin. You can also look for beginning or basic yoga classes at a studio or gym near you and let the teacher know that you’re brand-new.

  7. Do you prefer yoga or pilates?

    I love them both.

  8. How are you celebrating International Yoga Day?

    I am teaching a big class at the Veg Fest to thousands of people this weekend. I am also going to do some yoga with my sons for sure on the actual day as well as practice 108 sun salutations & offer up my practice to yogis all over the world.

  9. Which flavor of Sweet Loren’s is your favorite?

    These days I love the cranberry oatmeal because I'm nursing and oats are great for lactating mothers, but I also love the peanut butter chocolate.

  10. What is your go-to yoga pose?

    I am such a fan of dancers pose because I think it is so amazing open up the heart and celebrate your life and work on staying balanced at the same time.

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