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  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Skillet

    You’ll find decadence & comfort in our warm oatmeal chocolate skillet Oatmeal + chocolate is one of my favorite combos. The texture and heartiness of oatmeal adds a great balance to our classic Chocolate Chunk Cookie… Read More
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  • Acai Breakfast Cookie Bowl

    Your breakfast called, and it wants to be this smoothie bowl Acai bowls are my absolute favorite breakfast! They’re beautiful, packed with nutrients, and keep you full and satisfied for hours. There are many ways to… Read More
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  • Coconut Almond Blondie Bar

    Because everyone knows blondes have more fun 😉 I promise you’ll never look at blondies the same way again after making this decadent new version. Blondies are one of my favorite desserts, so I had fun… Read More
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  • Dirty Chai Overnight Oats

    Easy to make oats gets creative with a boost of dirty chai & cookie crumble Get the great energy of oatmeal, boost of dirty chai, and sweet crunch of Sweet Loren’s Oatmeal Cranberry cookies in a… Read More
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  • Edible Cookie Dough Truffles

    Who Knew Edible Dough Could Get Even Better? Eat-It-Raw Cookie Dough Truffles are so easy to make, and gorgeous to boot. All you need is Sweet Loren’s Edible Cookie Dough, chocolate, and your favorite toppings! There… Read More
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  • Thumbprint Cookies

    We give this recipe two thumbs up! Thumbprint cookies are one of those classic cookies that are here to stay. These cookies are so great because they’re easy & fun to make, and the possibilities are endless in terms of… Read More
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  • S’mores Cookies, Please

    A campfire classic you can make in any kitchen! Skip the campfire and whip up a batch of Sweet Loren’s S’mores Cookies! Made with our Sweet Loren’s Sugar Cookie dough, chocolate chips & marshmallows, these s’mores cookies taste just like… Read More
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  • Superfood-Packed Cookies

    Bake your way to better health These superfood cookies are packed with nutritious ingredients – making them a great energy boosting snack for on-the-go. They’re full of tasty seeds, nuts and dried fruit, plus are 100% whole grain —  and… Read More
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  • Blackberry Crumble Bars

    One of our favorite summertime fruits is here: blackberries! So, we created a quick and easy seasonal dessert that has the freshness of blackberries and the irresistible crunch of a crumble topping. All you need is a couple ingredients and… Read More
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  • Zesty Lemon Bars

    Here’s an easy, delicious way to make zesty Lemon Bars using Sweet Loren’s Sugar Cookie Dough as the base. The tangy lemon filling is made from only a couple ingredients, and is both sweet and refreshing, making these Lemons Bars… Read More
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  • Cinnamon Roll Cookies

    We created a cinnamon roll cookie – just for you. You can now have the smell of Sunday cinnamon rolls any time you’d like. These quick (& fun!) cinnamon roll cookies are so delicious, and all… Read More
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  • Berry Yogurt Parfait with Cookie Crumble

    Move over granola, there’s a new player in town! This Berry Yogurt Parfait is simple, requiring just 5 ingredients that comes together in about 5 mintues. Easy, grab-n-go jars of perfection with honey, yogurt, berries and an added deliciousness with… Read More

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