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  • 16 Hottest Rising Female Stars of 2016

    This year’s best and brightest include female philanthropists, artists, community leaders, athletes, educators and entrepreneurs—all nominated by friends, family, coworkers, admirers, and Women’s Business Journal editors. Three months out of college, Brill was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Facing… Read More
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  • Loren Brill: Baking Entrepreneur

    After college Loren’s (@sweetlorens) next move was to figure out what her next move was when unexpectedly she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. During her recovery she immersed herself in her passions of health and nutrition and is now… Read More
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  • You’ve Got Loren Brill

    After being diagnosed with Hodgkins’ lymphoma, Loren Brill took her hobby for amazing desserts and turned them into a therapeutic business venture that mixes peace of mind with all-natural baking. Watch the Clip… Read More
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  • Women on Top Awards: The Transformers

    4. Top Entrepreneur Loren Brill, 28, founder and CEO, Sweet Loren’s Three months out of college, Brill was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Facing six months of chemo, she moved home to New York City and plunged into baking,… Read More
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  • Small but Mighty

    Anyone can stick a cucumber (or a condiment or preserves) in a jar and sell it online these days. However, with the market as flooded as it is, it can be hard for the worthiest projects to receive the recognition… Read More
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  • Gifts for the Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Loren Ready-to-Bake Desserts Loren Brill, the 2011 winner of the Next Big Small Brand contest, blows those old rolls of Pillsbury cookie dough out of the water with her frozen all-natural doughs and batters. Her ingredients might have a… Read More
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  • Crain’s pitch contest

    Also making it to the interview round was Sweet Loren’s founder Loren Brill, who came armed with her ready-to-bake cookies. The company sells its frozen cookie dough in Whole Foods, and provides granola bars and other healthy treats to charter… Read More
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  • Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Junk Food

    Love Twizzlers? Or Sunkist? How about Doritos? The answer to these questions should be “yes” because junk food tastes awesome–especially to kids–and we all know it. But for health-conscious parents, hydrogenated oils and unpronounceable ingredients just don’t cut it. We… Read More
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  • Health scare can inspire start of business

    Communications major Loren Brill never thought of owning her own cookie company. But then she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 22. Between treatments, she took culinary classes to occupy her time. She soon realized that there were limited… Read More
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  • Meet & Eat: Loren Brill, Sweet Loren’s

    Loren Brill, owner of the all-natural baking company called Sweet Loren’s, dropped a walnut-sized ball of chocolate chip cookie dough onto a metal sheet. She promptly popped it into her mouth. (It seems even professional cookie dough-makers have a hard… Read More

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