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4 Memorial Day Hacks to For Easy Entertaining

Hosting friends and family over for a Memorial Day BBQ can be so much fun, but sometimes a little stressful. With hosting, comes work: you need to create a great atmosphere, make sure there’s enough to drink, and prep all the food so it’s ready in time… the list goes on and on. That’s why we wanted to share 4 hacks we love that make hosting a Memorial Day party relaxed and stress-free:


Make a Grilled Dessert

There’s no need to get stressed out and buy tons of ingredients to make an elaborate dessert. Our Baked Pears recipe is a perfect Memorial Day treat because it’s simple and seasonal. You’ll be serving up an amazing dessert (only 3 ingredients!) that your friends and fam will absolutely love, and can feel great about indulging in. You can even use the grill instead of your oven. Check out our video for an easy how-to!


DIY Bug Repellent

Bugs can be a buzz kill at any party! Be sure to keep them away with these awesome bug repellant jars. All you need is a mason jar, floating candles (which you can get from your local dollar store), essential oils & lemon and/or orange rinds. Easy to make, all natural & looks great with any decor.


Grill + Onion

Cleaning a well-used grill really takes some elbow grease. Grills can collect residue from food that gets caked on over time.  We discovered this amazing trick to loosen up all that buildup. Put half of an onion on a skewer or fork and then rub it on the [hot] grill. Clean as usual with a grill brush and marvel at how easily all that gunk wipes off!


Boozy Beef

Adults only! Add some bourbon or whiskey to your marinade to give your meat an extra layer of flavor. Even better if you prep the day before and allow the meat the marinade for 24 hours in the fridge. We guarantee everyone will be asking for your saucy secret. 😉


We hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Check out some more of our amazing recipes (like our Berry Cobbler or Frozen Chia Pops) for other delicious and clean ingredient dishes to share for fun, easy entertaining.




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