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Why We Love Whole Grains

We’d like to share with you why we choose to bake with only 100% whole grain flours: the taste and nutrition are superior!

A whole grain contains all 3 parts of a grain kernel — the bran, endosperm and germ — which provide a uniquely satisfying combination of nutrients.

White flour is made when the bran and germ, aka the majority of the grain’s nutrients, are removed from the kernel. This makes it an empty carb. That’s why it’s important to keep whole grains whole, because they pack in important nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fiber keeps you fuller longer so you’re naturally satiated; vitamins and minerals are a necessary part of good health.

Whole Grains Article- Whole Oat Flour

The whole grains we love to bake with have a mild & sweet flavor that give all of our products that homemade, real food taste. We used rolled oats, whole oat flour and whole wheat flour in our place & bake cookie dough. They’re what make our recipes unique & have a depth of flavor unlike anything else on the shelf.

The flavor and nutrition of whole grain flours is why I was so determined to create Sweet Loren’s cookie dough, hope you enjoy it to!



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