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Cookie Decorating at KidzVuz Holiday Party!


Photography by Josh Strauss Studios

This past weekend we attended the KidzVuz Holiday Party at Chelsea Pier in New York. KidzVuz is an online network exclusively dedicated to letting tweens have their say and share their views about the stuff they love. Their holiday party was a way for top parent bloggers and influential kids and tweens to connect with kid-friendly, fun brands. It was the perfect event to kick off the holiday season because we were able to show everyone how easy it is to making yummy treats with Sweet Loren’s!



We love the holidays because they’re all about spending time with your loved ones — both family and friends. The festive spirit always inspires us to make and share new recipes with our cookie dough. Food brings people together, bridging the gap between generations, because who doesn’t love a delicious, fun (and better-for-you) dessert! We were super excited to be at the KidzVuz Holiday Event and planned a fun cookie decorating activity for everyone to do!



We enjoyed being able to spread the word about our clean-ingredient, place and bake cookie dough. Families were happy to hear they could easily find where Sweet Loren’s was sold near them by checking out our website sweetlorens.com and putting their zip code in our easy store locator. We look forward to an even more delicious holiday baking season!



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