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How To Indulge And Stay Healthy

At Sweet Lorens, were surrounded by delicious sweets and snacks all.day.long maybe you feel the same in your workplace or home?

Sounds like the best, right? Having cookies around at all times means weve learned to get a grip on over-indulgingespecially when our #1 goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Being sweet to yourself and indulging without the guilt isnt just about willpower. It starts with awareness of your body and what is actually in your food. You can indulge and be healthy. In fact, a healthy lifestyle includes indulging. 🙂 Youre welcome.

Life is too short to deprive yourself of the things you enjoy! How do we do it? Here are our 5 tips to help you satisfy your sweet tooth without going over-board. Hope it helps!

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1) Focus on Portion Control

Portion Control: Look for smart packaging that makes it easy to just eat a portion size, like a couple of cookies, and not the whole batch, pint, box or bag of your favorite sweet treat. Take out a couple cookie discs, or one scoop of ice cream, or one sliver of cake and put the rest a way to enjoy another time. Try to eat slowly and really savor each bite. More is not always better! We love our place&bake packaging because it gives you the option of making 1, 2, or all 12 cookies at a time, so you dont have two dozen cookies lying around which sometimes happens when you bake a bunch of cookies from scratch.

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2) Choose Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients: Take the extra time to read the ingredient lists on pre-made or packaged foods. Pick foods that dont contain hydrogenated oils, bleached flours or sugars, artificial flavors or colors, or chemical preservatives. Reach for foods that are made from unrefined ingredients that you can understand, and made by companies you believe in. Filling your body with clean, whole food, and high quality ingredients will keep you feeling amazing inside and out.

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3) Tune into Your Body

Tune into Your Body: How hungry are you? Do you ever eat when youre not hungry? Sometimes we eat when we’re bored, procrastinating or actually thirsty. By tuning into your body you can match what you eat or drink to what you truly need. Maybe youre craving something sweet, but with more substance. If so, try pairing your favorite yogurt with our cookies crumbled on toplike our Triple Berry Protein Trifle recipe: yogurt, mixed berries, a crumbled cookie for crunch and decadence, maybe some toasted coconut and a drizzle of honey. All of the sudden you have a satisfying dessert that pairs a sweet treat with protein to keep you fuller for longer. The goal is to treat yourself well, with good ingredients based on how you really feel in the moment.

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4) Stay Active

Stay Active: Make sure you stay active every day. Use your body it is a precious gift! Find fitness classes that you love; walk often; and have fun while doing it. Walk when you can, instead of driving a couple blocks or taking the subway a couple stops. Play with your kids, if you have them. Make sure it becomes routine to stay active often. Get into a healthy habit of keeping your body in good condition, and everything will work better 🙂 . Not only will you create happy endorphins, but your metabolism will be boosted too.

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5) Be Sweet to Yourself

Be Sweet to Yourself: Take care of yourself and treat yourself well – you deserve it! Staying healthy while indulging is about portion-size, conscious eating, being active, and not feeling guilty for eating what makes you most happy. Being sweet to yourself is about choosing indulgences that are simply better for you and satisfying so that youre taking care of yourself: mind, body and soul.  xo-loren-K

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